The Black Friday Craze is Here once again!

Despite Covid-19 and its hullabaloo people have decided whatever Life throws at them they are making  Lemonade out of it!

Don’t be left behind, PUT AN END TO PROCRASTINATION – By the way It’s the No. 1 enemy to progress . The more you keep pushing that start date the more the fat keeps piling up!!The more miserable life becomes!!


OK.  Make up your mind and Lose Weight with Black Friday!!

Take The Decision!

Helloooo!! You need to make up your mind, Enough is Enough! Don’t wait for the NEW YEAR to make a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!

You own the Key to a Healthy Living Lifestyle!

You own the Key to your Happiness!

You own the Key to Living life to the Fullest!

And Now its time to Activate that KEY.

Great Deals!

Its known during Black Friday you get the best deals on almost anything.

From my earlier posts i have outlined the tools needed when starting a Weight Loss Journey.

But for that Special Person (Yes You) that has taken the GREAT DECISION to take control of their life, i am going to highlight some of the useful weight loss tools that you can use at home. My list wont be exhaustive but just to give you an idea of what you can save on this Black Friday.

Progress Essentials

A body weighing scale and tape measure are the must have when starting out on your journey.

This Black Friday there are amazing digital body scales going for as low as $23, i mean they measure your BMI, Body Fat Percentage,Water Weight and keep track of your progress and connected via Bluetooth to your phone. Its a WIIIN!!

Meal Preparation & Water Intake

Meal Prep is very important when it comes to schedule eating times. Meal Timing is Key when it comes to training the mind on when to expect food. This reminds me the issue of portion control and how Kitchen scales can help you keep track of those portions .

Did you know Proteins are good but when over eaten its not good news?? Oh. Yes. Keep reading my articles i have tackled it in a previous post on Macro Nutrients. Do not eye ball your portions,please, it can be disastrous!!

Thus a KITCHEN SCALE& MEASURING CUPS are very important.

There are various affordable models on Amazon plus take advantage of Black Friday and get them cheap too

Water! Water! Water! Water is Life!

Yes WATER intake is essential not only to Weight Loss but to our every day life.  Water makes up more 50% of the Human Body(Yes your and mine too). Its the primary building block of cells. It performances a number of functions like: as a solvent for transportation of nutrients; as a medium for excretion; a means for heat control; as a lubricant for joints; and for shock absorption.

To know how much to take in a day use the following formula:

Weight(Kg) Divide by 30 = No. of Litres per day


If your weight is 120 kilos  you should drink 4litres of water a day 120/30 = 4

Weight(lbs) Divide by 2 = No. of Oz per day

If your weight is 200 pounds  you should drink 100 ounces of water a day 200/2 = 100

To avoid 1000 trips to the toilet, sip your water rather than gulping litres at once.

There is no better way to sip water than using a well calibrated water bottle. That way its easy to keep track of your water intake.Check these ones out!


Moderate/Light Exercise

Weight Loss is 90% Nutrition and 10% Exercises,that is to say,one can exercise 3hrs a day 5 times a week but if your NUTRITION IS WRONG you wont lose weight or you wont keep it off, i won’t even mention the underlying health issues involved.

Thus Light,Moderate exercises are recommended when on a weight loss journey. You don’t have to go to the gym,NO. Right  in your living room. From Walking to Skipping rope to Dancing Salsa you name it. Chose an activity which is fun and if possible involve the entire family.

If you are a work out person, why not, sweat it out.

According to, on average a person logs in 2500 steps a day doing normal things like going to the bathroom,working to pick the mail,walking in the office etc,thus adding an extra 2000 steps is doable.

A good way to keep track of steps taken per day is by wearing a Pedometer.  Get them for as low as $5 on amazon

Whether you dance to your favorite tune or just doing your house chores your steps are recorded and you burn them fats!!

Grab ‘Em All!!

I can go on and on all day long,the list is endless. Do yourself a favor and GRAB ‘EM ALL!!!