10kg weight loss in 2months

The year 2020 started with a bang and the usual ‘New Year’ resolutions. High on my list was to lose weight by June 2020.

Let me tell you something, I have always yo-yo dieted and subscribed to exercise programs but fail to maintain the zeal. Somehow I lose interest and quickly backslide and gain back the weight I had lost.

For me achieving the ideal weight loss with zero exercises was unattainable and undo able.

What kept me grounded and prevented a further gain in weight in 2019 was an amazing couple Jade & Mike of Madefitonline. They have amazing home exercises and a weekly follow up.

So what happened? Exercises are not for me!

The Genesis

I have always been a chubby baby. Family members kept telling me I was going to be big like so-and-so OR its in the genes from your paternal side. I hated their comments, they didn’t know but they were killing me inside. And by my teens I had serious low esteem issues which led me to adopt a tomboy persona, hanged around boys and ventured into stuff which is a story for another day. Only God saved me from self-destruction. I avoided cameras like a plague.

In my twenties, as a university student life was easier. I was away from my family attending college in the neighboring country. The Joy of new-found freedom. Lots of partying and club hopping. The best days of my youth!

Amazingly I maintained a weight of under 59kg from the age 18 to 25. I was happier, outgoing and more confident. A free spirit. Matters to do with self-image and weight vanished into thin air.

At the age of 26 I gave birth to my first daughter via C-Section. And the weight never went away. I was going through a challenging time, in a foreign country with no family around. The challenges of a first time mom and a baby who kept crying all through the night took a toll on my body. I gained weight and stalled at 87kg.

Enter the Fad Diets & Extreme Exercises

Desparate to lose weight, with a young baby and a demanding career in Audit & Assurance nothing seemed to work.

I scanned the internet for quick solutions, paid thousands to fad diets and subscribed to a number of extreme exercise regimes.

They worked, at first, but once I relaxed and stopped following the strict rules,I gained back my weight plus extra.

I was left tired, depleted,broke and miserable. And most of all, a couple of kilos heavier than when I started.

Relax Mode

From 2014 I took a chill pill.

I decided to hell with weight loss. Let me enjoy my life, life is too short.

Careerwise things were good. Promotions and exciting new challenges at work kept me behind the desk from 8am to way past 6pm in the evenings. Career satisfaction made me to forget, just a tit-bit, about my weight.

Then came in baby number 2.

Voila! I officially entered the league of 100kg and above. Misery was my twin. Simple tasks were hard to accomplish. Body aches in the morning when I woke up, snoring, painful knees, couldn’t bend to touch my toes, clothes stopped fitting. Shoes were no longer comfortable. Total Misery.

By the time I landed in Canada in 2018 I weighed a whopping 115kg.

Beginning of December 2018 I stumbled upon and joined Madefitmoms 28 days challenge on Facebook. It was an amazing community led by Jade & Micheal. Managed to lose 7kg.

Eat Right Feel Good Weight Loss Challenge

By God’s Grace I managed to maintain the weight loss from the 28-day challenge throughout 2019 and for 4 months in 2020.

Then came in COVID-19. With it came the Lock Down. With the Lock Down came the anxiety of possible weight gain due to limited movements. I did my level best to watch what I was eating( mostly calorie counting) and engage in family fun games and dance workouts.

In mid April stumbled upon a page of body transformation coach I was following since 2016. There was a 15 days Eat Right Feel Good challenge at an affordable price. What caught my eye and convinced me to pay was the promise of No Exercises ( if you don’t want to).

Whaaaat!! No Exercises!! Yeeeeiiiy!!

Quickly I joined the challenge. We started off on April 15, 2020. I weighed 106kg.


The Results

Amazingly I had lost 2kg by the end of the 15 days. I signed up for the 4 weeks May challenge then 6 weeks June challenge.

By Mid June I had lost a total of 10kg( 22 pounds) while eating the foods I love.

The non scale victories were as exciting as the scale ones:

– I slept better

– No more body aches in the morning

– Increased energy

– Clothes I had put away 2 years ago started to fit and even became baggy

– Dropped from dress size 2XL to L

– Shoes fit better

– Overall I feel good and confident.