When I started my weight loss journey back in April 2020 my husband was struggling too – with his own obesity related issues. He had tried different weight loss programs in vain. But he was able to achieve 30kg weight loss in just 2months.

We had become a topic of discussion among our kids. Yes, our number 1 critics are our young kids. My 7yr old was didn’t want us near her class nor be seen by her classmates. Why? They will make fun of her and as she puts it ” some boys in my class will keep on talking and talking of how fat my dad is…”.

It broke my heart BUT it totally crushed her dad.

Huge Guy

Victor was born in the DRC Congo some 50yrs ago. He loves African traditional foods. But personal loss and failed past relationships led him to neglect his health thus as a 40 something year old, he stood at 6ft 3 tall and weighing more than 150kg.

I usually describe him as a gentle giant.

Health Issues related to Obesity

There are many health related issues related to being over weight or obese Health Risks of Being Over weight.

And of the many on the list he had been officially diagnosed – and actively taking medication – of the following:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • breathing related issues esp when sleeping
  • kidney disease
  • high blood sugar
  • Arthritis/ Gout

The photo above is of the various medicines he had been prescribed for the different ailments.

The constant hospitalizations let alone the worry and stress that all these medical related issues have caused us are unimaginable.

It came to a point where the doctors recommended surgery – gastric bypass and as I write he is on the provincial waiting list (which can take more than 5 years before it’s your turn).

The Turning Point

His options were limited unless he goes for surgery in a private hospital yet his health was rapidly declining. Sleepless nights was the order of the day. From our research private hospital surgery costs nothing less than $12,000 just for the surgery, the after care and it’s related costs not inclusive.

Nevertheless, we contacted a private clinic with a good reputation and top-notch bariatric surgeons in the country. We had decided if we were to spend thousands of dollars then let it be in the best hands. The thought of him dying on the operating table was scary.

I told him I was not ready to become a widow at such a young age not to mention the kids are still young.

So when he saw my amazing progress in the 15 days Eat Right Feel Good challenge in April 2020 he became interested and keen in knowing why I have made certain nutritional changes.

I started prepping meals for 2 people. We ate together and I encouraged him to follow the same tips I was learning in my challenge. In just one week his breathing at night normalized. Gone were the sleepless nights punctuated with tossing about.

Voila!! This was the confirmation he needed that he can take control of his life.

30kg Weight Loss & Still Losing

Take control of his life he did.

He followed the advice diligently in fact he was more proactive than I was. Being a person who was used to eating a lot and moreover calorie dense African traditional foods, it was hard for him. It was a struggle but he was more than determined to make it. A lot was at stake – his marriage, kids and most important his life – and he had the power in his hands to make a 360 degrees turnaround.

By mid May 2020, he was more active with the kids. Going for walks and playing with them something which before was an uphill task. His portion sizes reduced too as he was satisfied with just half of what he used to eat. Then he got on the scale and finally there was reading. You see some digital scales don’t register a reading for weights above 150kg. Thus, this was a victory for him.

Each week the scale numbers were going down. And for some weeks were he gained due to one reason or another, he never gave up. Our is motto ” Aluta Continua” a Portuguese phrase which was used by Mozambique’s FRELIMO movement during it’s war for independence.

This was our own war for independence from obesity and it’s related health risks. And war we unleashed. By the end of June Victor had achieved a substantial weight loss and was on his way to weighing less than 150kg. His non scale victories were:

– Clothes he had not put on for years fitted better,

– His clothes size dropped from 5XL to 3XL,

– Suits whose coats never closed now closed,

– Shoes which were tight fitted better,

– He spent weeks not taking any medication for HBP

– His tests for Diabetes Type 2 were negative ( doctors were amazed)

– Relief from joint and body pains

These are just a few of the many non-scale victories that Victor achieved along with weight loss. We shall continue to update his progress.

The photo below was taken in August 2020.


As we walk this journey of weight loss as a couple we have learned a lot and still learning. One thing for sure is working as a team within the family unit ensures greater success. Where one member of the team feels like giving up the other is there to support and remind them of their goal in the weight loss journey.

Our greatest critics and supporters are our kids. They keep encouraging and motivating us. They compliment us whenever we put on clothes or do stuff which we did not do before the weight loss,

The greatest lesson is, with God anything is possible. We normally approach Him for bigger things and we forget He is a God of all things big and small. Commit your weight loss journey to God (or according to your religious beliefs) and see Him work wonders.

I have shared Victor’s journey to encourage men and/married couples that are struggling with being over weight/obesity that achieving weight loss and keeping it away is achievable.

“Aluta Continua”